Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Snoqualmie, WA

3 items
**All you need is the fish!! Includes: Fish Bowl, Green "blob" that helps keep the bowl clean, pebble rocks, strainer, 2 containers of beta fish food, bowl "decorations" (big rocks, Nemo statue, two different trees etc.)
These items came in a bundle I recently bought off of here. I only needed the fish bowl.
Lizzie is an exotic and stunning Leopard Gecko who is about twelve years old. She has been passed from home to home throughout the years and is looking for a caretaker who will commit to her golden age of retirement. Lizzie has been well cared for and is healthy. She's very friendly and calm. In her cage she hangs in her hiding spots and waits for dinner time. The highlight is watching how quic...
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